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About Our Steering Committee

We Are All Volunteers!

Our Steering Committee directs the activities and events of our state association. Its members care for young children and devote their free time to promoting family child care and serving its members in their various roles. They lead committees of FCCPSD members to accomplish all that our association does in a year. Everyone receives support and help from fellow Steering members and the members of the association. We are always seeking new committee members who are eager to help our association grow, help providers grow, and who want to connect with other professionals across South Dakota. It is an incredible opportunity to learn leadership skills through our board trainings, through working with teams, and through meeting several times a year. It's fun! Those who are leading find it incredibly satisfying to do work with other adults, and especially with adults who understand what we do every day. We'd love to have you apply for nominations.

You may read the job descriptions below to understand your duties as a member of the committee. We appreciate all effort that is put into these positions and we don't expect anyone to be perfect. If you have questions, please email and we will call you to talk about any concerns or questions you might have. This is a fun group to be a part of!

Duties and Responsibilities of all Steering Committee Members
1. Attend FCCPSD Steering Committee meetings and at least half of the membership meetings. The Steering Committee meetings will be held three times a year in addition to the annual member meeting at conference.
2. Please be aware that email and internet access are essential for Steering Committee members. Members participate in email and conference calls.
3. Upon leaving office, the member will orient the new officer to the duties of the position and will turn over all documents that relate to those duties.
4. Members support the work of all other Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee is a team and work flows around the team according to the desires of the team members. There is structure, flexibility and opportunity for everyone to try out ideas that can be of benefit to the Association.
5. Members are expected to uphold professionalism in the child care field as an officer of FCCPSD.

Steering Committee Application
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