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Childcare Regulations

Regulated (state registered) child care providers may accept public funds and including the child care subsidy program for low income parents and the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program in which reimbursements are made for qualifying meals served.

Family Childcare Home - Registerd

South Dakota law defines a Family Child Care Home as one in which care is given on a regular basis for any part of a 24-hour day to 12 or fewer children from more than one unrelated family. This includes any children under the age of six who are living in the home.

Family childcare is a service provided in the provider's home.

Family childcare providers are registered rather than licensed. Registration is a voluntary process where the applicants declare their intent to provide family childcare and agree to comply with standards that have been established by the Department of Social Services. A registration certificate is in effect for two years. Registration is legally mandated when a provider receives compensation from public funds. Providers who are not receiving reimbursement from public funds and caring for 12 or fewer children are exempt from registration. A registered family childcare provider must be at least 18 years old.


12 children in care, maximum. Four of these can be under the age of two. Two of those four can be under the age of one year.

You may not care for more than two children under the age of one year. You cannot care for more than four children under the age of two. Your total number of children in care at any one time is not to exceed 12 and you must meet square footage requirements for the number of children in care.

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